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Kaile Medical

* Expert In Medical Device Production *

Our Products

Infusion Apparatus

It is made of medical macromolecule material and is sterilized by ethylene oxide gas. It is sterile, non-toxic, no heat source and no hemolytic reaction.


The coat is made of high quality and transparent polypropylene, with high transparency and easy to observe.

The Iv

It is easy to operate, suitable for puncture of any part, and alleviates the pain of repeated puncture of the patient, reducing the workload of nursing staff.


* medical PRODUCTS *

It produces 350 million syringes a year and 180 million pumps a year

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* Recruitment *

Serve and help more people find jobs and target high-end talents

Equipment engineer/personnel

College degree or above, good health, flexible mind, careful mind, can work hard, have strong ability of self-study and self-improvement

Universal workers (male and female)

Age: 18-40 years old (male or female), junior middle school or above, major is not limited


* Manufacturing *

One of the units for the safe identification of medical devices